Can't keep my eyes from the circling skies.
Tongue-tied and twisted, just an earth-bound misfit. - Pink Floyd



Not amused..hiding emotions ..alone but not lost.. Just waiting for the frost to disappear and bring fresh summer air..when will it be okay again..

I’m thankful for the sun that shines, the man I call mine,
the food I’ll eat and the new people i have yet to meet.
I am thankful more each day and in many different ways.
But today it’s most recognized because it’s Thanksgiving Day. 
Thanks to all of you. Sincerely.

Come out from hiding, take me under your wing and show me how to fly . Let’s be together and enjoy this wild experience that we call life. Let’s jump out from behind the walls and be who we want to be together

Stuck in between the rip tide.
trying to swim back to shore.
slowly drifting out to sea.
can’t anyone help me?

His hand was all it took. 

His kiss was just a bonus.

now I’m on the beach. 

and I have no more needs. 

I’m not afraid to fall in love,
In fact I think I already have.
My head backs away slowly,
But my heart seeps further in.

I can’t change now, I can’t go back.
All that’s left is my memory track.
Holding on for what’s to come.
Tomorrow brings the morning sun.